Diverse Industries Inc, Your Automation Solutions Partner.
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About Us

Diverse Industries Inc. was founded in 2001 by Heather Wallace in Roseville, Michigan. DII started with one independent contractor and now operates with more than fifty contractors and employees.

We built our reputation one successful project after another, working with the "Big Three" Detroit automakers and their suppliers in plants across North America.

We have moved our offices to Duncan, South Carolina and are now the premier supplier of engineers to BMW North America and are listed as preferred suppliers on most BMW bid packages.

Diverse Industries is now an International Corporation with workers at BMW South Africa.

 The Founders

Heather and Tony

After college, Heather was a contract test engineer for wiper systems at Valeo where she learned the importance of precision, statistics and durability.  Heather also learned how the automotive industry works from product developement to testing the final product.  She also learned how good contractors add value to a manufacture.  

Tony Wallace started his career in the automotive industry at eighteen years old as a CNC programmer, cutting stamping dies while working his way through high school, and later engineering school. There, he learned the tool and die/machinist trade as well as gaining insight into the complete process of automobile manufacturing. Tony was then asked to be one of two programmers to start a robot group for new Detroit Automation Company. There were many challenging projects along the way but no customer was left unsatisfied. Soon customers were asking for Tony on their next project.

After serving several years with Valeo, Heather, started Diverse Industries a contract company for engineers like Tony. She took what she learned and is now proud to oversee the best team of automation engineers in the industry.

The Programmers

Experienced in vision solution development, laser cutting, laser brazing, mig welding all body in white applications as well as many power train and plastic applications.  Our programmers are software developers capable of programming almost any robot right out of the crate.  Diverse has developed several vision guidance demo cells for automation shows in Chicago and Las Vegas. We have also written the standards for several manufactures and applications.  We have robot leaders that can manage large or small complicated projects with great success.

Training:  We use our programmers from the field to train our Robot and PLC classes.  They offer the most complete Robot and PLC integrated training available.  A stundent that has gone through our courses is more qualified for a career in Automation than most college graduates.  We also hire directly from our training classses.    


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